Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunset Beach in the Morning

The little community of Sunset Beach stretches less that two miles along the coast between Seal Beach on the north and Huntington Beach on the south. It primarily consists of two streets...Pacific Coast Highway and a frontage road with a greenbelt down the middle that is oddly called South Pacific on the southbound side and North Pacific on the northbound side. Houses along the southbound side are beach front properties and mostly consist of mcmansions with an elderly cottage here and there. The northbound side has a bigger mix of upscale multiple housing and some some charming and not so charming older bungalows. In the 20+ years I've lived in this area I've seen very little change and I do hope it remains that way for another 20 years.

*That classy red 3-wheeled carriage is my Kettweisel and my favorite mode of transportation around these parts.


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Suzanne! Your blog is just stunning! I LOVE all the pictures you are taking! More bright and colorful shots! How blessed you are to live so close to the beach! I love the beach! It is so healing and soothing.

Love ya!

papa sue said...

Suzanne - thanks for sharing all of the wonderful beach pictures. I love Sunset Beach - it is such a great little community and it is home to two of my favorite restaurants - Harborhouse Cafe and Taco Surf. I'm hoping that you'll keep posting pictures of all of the cute little seaside towns from Seal Beach south...........they are all so special.

Thanks for sharing!



Sleec Photos said...

Sue & Maryjane, Let's do a Sisters lunch there sometime. We could rent kayaks and go paddling in the harbor...as an option.

Sister hugs to you both, Suzanne