Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Another Ride Along the Beach Trail

Ever since I got my recumbent trike, I've been taking my camera along on my daily rides. The great thing about a 3-wheeler is that, when I see a photo op, I just stop pedaling and take the picture. I also see so much more since I don't need to watch the road so closely. Here it is November already but our summerlike weather keeps hanging on...and on...


David said...

Looks like fun!;) Yeah, when my family goes to Gulf Shores Al. I usually get 300-700 miles on my recumbent trike that week - and it's all fun;) ;) check out my fund raising page for my nexted ride
davidhenry - Thanks for looking!

Danielle Shinkle said...

Oh, how i miss the beach! Looks like a perfect day at the beach. Love the pictures!

Love ya!