Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Los Alamitos Car & Air Show

I'm a little bit late with this post since the show was on October 26. It's been a really busy past couple weeks what with Halloween and my husband going on a working trip to China. So, better late than never, is was a really fun day and worth remembering.


papa sue said...

Oh Suzanne,

What great pictures from the Open House. The picture of the C141 (the BIG) plane brings back fond memories of when I was in the Air Force Reserve and loaded both passengers and cargo on planes just like that! (So did Penny - that's how we met!)

Big hugs,


Danielle Shinkle said...

I love the pictures from the car show. Carlos is selling hot rod? Wow! Looks like a lot of fun, i know the boys and i would love to go to a car show with you sometime. Love ya!