Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Boy, Do I Love A Big Boy

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday so we figured the traffic on the freeways would be light and it's a great day to drive to Toluca Lake for the best hamburger on earth at Bob's Big Boy. I grew up on these burgers. My parents took me to one in Glendale that was more of a diner with counter service only. Later, when I was in high school, Bob's drive-in in Van Nuys was THE Saturday night place to be. Then in the 80s, Bob's sold out to Coco's Restaurants and I thought they were all gone. It was only a few years ago that I discovered that one of the original coffee shops still the Toluca Lake area of Burbank. Since then Big Boy franchises have been popping all over but, in my opinion, this old one is the best.

Are we ordering the usual?

The menu looks different, there's a lot more to choose from and, of course, the prices are higher...okay, a lot higher, but the "Original Double Deck Hamburger" still tastes just the same as it did when I was a little girl. It's their unique red relish that makes it different and better, in my opinion, than any other burger.

Hey, look what booth we're sitting in! that's what I'm talking about!!

This place is usually packed. It must be the Superbowl.

There are all sorts of souvenirs to choose from at check out. We have one of those Big Boys sitting on the kitchen counter.

Hey, car service tonight. We need to come for dinner next time.


Lorraine said...

Good Heavens Suzanne, I never knew, I love this, love Elton John's song, loved your photos, enjoyed the different views and Oh My God I want that Burger, gosh you're such fun, and there's no way you're near're just pulling our legs aren't you, or the photo of you is 30 years old?
Either way I'll be back, this was fun lol
Word Verific. is DOMETIC lol

cathlene#35 said...

Cruel, cruel Suzanne !
I grew up in Glendale and of course, a Big Boy double decker, fries with blue cheese and a cherry coke was it!

I totally forgot about the red relish .... now I gotta go get one ...

The photos are fantastic ... thanks so much,

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Suzanne, how cool is that! You sat in the booth where the Beaatles sat, oh my! Carlos looks ready to eat his double-double! I love their shakes...strawberry is my favorite! Great post that bought back some fun memories!