Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sad Sky

This photo was taken yesterday, from my backyard, in the very early afternoon.

The heavy smoke cover made for a spectacular sunset in Sunset Beach.

Autumn is not my favorite season in Southern California. It spells the end of our wonderful summer and the shortening of daylight. It's also our fire season bringing the infamous "Santa Ana" winds that are notorious for causing devastating fires in these parts and this year has been no exception. Hundreds of homes from Santa Barbara county to Riverside County have been destroyed. Fortunately, here in Huntington Beach, all we get is dirty air and smoky cloudy skies...and amazing sunsets. I must admit, I feel very fortunate to be miles away from any threat and also a little guilty since I didn't hesitate to take my camera to the beach for some photos.


Danielle Shinkle said...


These are AMAZING photos! It's so sad to see the fires have destroyed so much, but it sure makes for some beautiful photos. I really enjoy looking at your photos, i want to print them all and frame them! Beautiful! Love you mom!!!! Danielle

Les said...

This feels like deja vu! It was only a year ago that I posted about the San Diego fires here. So sad.

Sleec Photos said...

Les, I understand how you feel. San Diego County has been hit really hard in the past few years. We have a cabin in Big Bear that we dearly love and each Autumn I totally stress out when the Santa Anas arrive. So far we've dodged the bullet but who knows what the next one will be like.

Les said...

My folks used to have a cabin up in Big Bear, too. It was near Fawnskin, on the north side of the lake. We used to ski at Big Bear in the 80s.