Monday, August 17, 2009

A Walk Around Juniper Point

Juniper Point, on the north shore of Big Bear Lake, California, is a lovely area with picnic grounds and is a favorite for fishing along the shore. A paved bike trail runs through the area and there's also a nice dirt path right along the shore. A lovely place to spend a summer afternoon.

The paved bike trail turns into a slightly raised wooden path along a strip of land that can become can be prone to flash floods after a heavy rain.


papa sue said...


Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your lake area! It must be so relaxing and inspiring. Enjoy the nice summer weather you are having.



Susan Gary said...

Hi Suzanne..

A lovely blog you have nice to learn more about you! ;-D

Cora said...

You are truly a wonderful and talented photographer. I enjoy viewing your work and I'm glad I found you as a fellow blogger and flickr friend!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely place. It's the kind of park that I could enjoy.

t does wool said...

gorgeous series,Suzanne~

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images, love the warm tone!